HERA PSD2 Solution

Position your Bank in the new customer ecosystem

HERA PSD2 prepares financial institutions for the future with an open banking suite equipped for innovative services. Provides a modern, open banking, API Management Framework, for the successful creation & impactful dissemination of APIs.


What it is


Open Banking suite - Add true Value to your bank

Τotal PSD2 APIs
Creation of your own APIs

API management
Full management, allows real-time monitoring of API calls.
Provides access to complete histories through records, history information

Developer Portal
Extensive documentation
Code examples & live test mode
PSD2 production environment

What it offers

  • Berlin Group Initiative Interfaces
  • OAuth 2 Authentication
  • Private APIs for integration with the financial institution's web services
  • API DB


Open your Bank!
Be present in your customer's journey through APIs




HERA PSD2 is pre-integrated to NATECH’s core banking system CSB2, resulting in zero Integration and setup effort by the bank. The system can also be integrated to any 3rd party core banking systems.

Provide richer offerings and compete with fintechs


Useful files & downloads

HERA PSD2 solution