Qquant complied with regulatory requirements while reducing multiple in-house risks and hazards

POSEIDON AML offers customizable rules for specialized control scenarios. With its acquisition, Qquant - the requirements management company - managed to take advantage of the need for regulatory compliance, gaining in security and reliability.


The rules of compliance with the Greek legislation imposed on the loan requirements management companies to prove the checks to their customers for money laundering with generated reports.


Natech met Qquant's requirement by providing the complete anti-money laundering solution - POSEIDON AML. With the configurable rules of the system, Qquant managed in the shortest possible time to obtain the system with the requested modifications and to perform the necessary checks either live or with a mass delayed update. With the easy-to-manage built-in reports tool, it can generate and export reports at will.


QQuant Master Servicer is active in the management of requirements, which arise from loans and credits that have been granted to individuals and companies in Greece by financial institutions.