27 Apr, 2023

Natech at the 7th Payments360 Conference

On Thursday 27/04 Natech was happy to participate in the Payments360 Conference, powered by DIAS S.A. Interbanking Systems, that took place at Megaron Athens Concert Hall. The area the conference focused on was “Instant Payments Disruptive Impact – Escalating new-gen Payments Landscape”.

Natech at the 7th Payments360 Conference

The conference focused on developments in the field of Direct Payments, with the aim of developing synergies in the rapidly growing Fintech-Paytech sector that will be able to promote the benefits of efficiency, cybersecure transactions as well as low fees.

The speakers of the conference were distinguished persons from both the banking and Fintech fields, including the President & CEO of Natech Thanasis Naurozoglou, who developed to Mr. Panagiotis Marketos the topic of Banking as a Service (BaaS) as a new model revenue via technology.

We sincerely thank the organizing committee and BOUSIAS EVENTS for the excellent organization, the interesting discussions and the exceptional hospitality.