Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

Gain full control over your business

The BOS ERP system is a powerful tool for medium and large-scale enterprises and is able to serve every kind of industries, such as retail, transportation, manufacturing and the public sector.

The system offers unlimited capabilities for the efficient organization, management and development of your business.

What it is


The heart of your business processes

The BOS ERP fully covers business needs and is harmonized with the Greek legal and institutional framework.

The system provides a comprehensive view of all business departments, embedding your business strategy.

What it offers

  • General ledger
  • Securities management
  • Warehouse management
  • Transactions
  • Fixed assets
  • Sales management

The BOS ERP is customizable according to the needs of any business.

Because one size does not fit all




Reach new levels of operational efficiency

  • Flexibility
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Accurate business data accessibility for better decision making
  • Increased control of processes and proper use of operational resources
  • More efficient and faster customer service
  • Friendly user interface

Useful files & downloads

BOS ERP Brochure