Collection of compliance solutions serving G.S.I.S. (General Secretariat of Information Systems) requirements

Q offers financial institutions the required procedures to comply with the constantly changing regulatory requirements of G.S.I.S., and serves as the basis for potential future changes.

Find harmony in the ever-changing regulatory landscape

What it is


Q is the certified system which materializes the requirements of the Greek G.S.I.S.

Q1: Account register requests
Q2: Account transactions register requests
Q3: Loan register requests
Q4: Incisions

What it offers

Q operates in heterogeneous systems and is constantly evolving in order to serve the ever changing messaging requests for financial institutions.

It incorporates features such as:

  • A reporting system
  • A document management system
  • A connection system with Active Directory

Connects directly to the IBM Web-Sphere (MQ Series)



  • Fully automated system
  • Direct implementation of services integrated by G.S.I.S.
  • Development based on regulatory requirements
  • Safe and transparent implementation of the  G.S.I.S. process
  • Minimal IT support and monitoring
  • Continuous flow process in case of fault occurrence
  • Traceability of the background processes
  • Installation flexibility

The first and only system operating in the Greek market under different IT systems

Useful files & downloads

Q Brochure