Know Your Customer

Identify your customers and monitor their trading behavior

We equip you with the tools to get to know your customers and obtain comprehensive and structured information.

You fulfill your regulatory obligations, gain the ability to make informed decisions and avoid money laundering.

What it is


The real solution for a 360ᵒ customer view

KYC features multiple information fields which create a full-fledged picture of a customer’s profile, verifying a customer's identity and assessing their suitability.

Which Natech solutions cover KYC functionality?

What it offers

  • Collection and analysis of basic personally identifiable information 
  • Screening of identity particulars against watchlists to determine the status of public exposure
  • Determination of customer's risk in terms of the tendency to commit money laundering, terrorist finance, or identity theft
  • Creation and assessment of "customer's profile" on the basis of customer's transactional behavior
  • Monitoring of customer's transactions against expected behavior and recorded profile, as well as that of the customer's peers.

Lose the false alerts & gain focus on real risk




Build trusted relationships in a digital world

  • Get compliant with European Central Bank and Central Bank of Greece regulations.
  • Reduce risk of illegal intentions towards the business relationship.
  • Increase institutional credibility.
  • Build your customer-centric strategy.

Useful files & downloads

KYC Brochure