Online alerting application - notifications and messages for real-time transactions

Offer the free app to your customers via Play Store and App Store

The Alerter app is an essential tool offered to customers to keep constant watch over their account activity and transactions through every channel (ATM, web banking, etc.) It can be customized to each bank's desired functionality and color scheme.

What it is


A unified alerting engine with a single click

The Alerter app sends alerts for:

  • details on executed transactions
  • unique verification codes for web banking transactions
  • information messages
  • low balance and overdrafts

What it offers

  • Notification categorization according to transaction type
  • Notification history
  • Full picture of account transactions
  • Language selection
  • Device security options to lock and unlock the app
  • Option to show sensitive details in notifications
  • Track connected devices
  • Fingerprint or face recognition (depending on devices' capabilities)

Leverage the power of mobile push alerts




An opportunity to drive better customer engagement

Improve customer experience and keep your customers updated with alerts. Spot fraudulent activity in a timely manner.

At the same time, lesser capacity is required for the bank to support various channels (ATM, web banking, call center) resulting in significantly reducing servicing costs.

Aside from bank messages and transaction alerts, the Alerter app can even provide additional revenue opportunities through marketing campaign messages etc. 

Cooperative Banks of Karditsa and Epirus keep customers updated and reduce fraud with timely notifications and alerts through the Alerter app


Safer, faster and more useful services for our customers is our main goal. The Alerter app is the useful tool towards achieving it. It improves security of transactions and  quality of information received by e-banking users.

Alkis Margaritis IT Manager, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa

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