New generation core banking - Blue Edition


Implement your strategy with richer applications and optimizations under the same framework

CSB2 Blue Edition is the new generation multilingual core banking solution designed for easy integration and services flexibility, as well as for more efficient operation and development of each financial institution.

An integrated, online, real-time, multi-currency system with a customer-centric approach that offers effective management of the entire view of the institution's relationship with the customer.

What it is


The backbone of your financial institution

CSB2 is a unified system consisting of a variety of upgraded banking products and services to cover all the financial operations of any organization - small or large in size, local or national.

  • Information is constantly sent to all products and the continuous data flow facilitates remarkably the system's management.
  • Products are offered as a complete solution or as separate modules through multiple acquisition and deployment models: BaaS/ SaaS/ Perpetual – Cloud/ On premise.

What it offers

CSB2 Blue edition retains the features of the Standard Edition and expands with broader functionality:

Corporate banking, Digital Offerings, Trade Finance, Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Payments Systems (SWIFT/SEPA) and upgrades

  • Content rich configuration options
  • Embedded analytics
  • Bulk processing optimizations
  • Enhanced reporting functionality
  • Revamped authorization system
  • Built-in data warehouse engine
  • Rich set of APIs for third parties
  • Improved 360° customer view
  • Product configuration and tooling options
  • Preconfigured product catalogue
  • Embedded Datawarehouse

90% coverage of banking needs

100% user satisfaction for ease of use


CSB2 Standard Edition




Implement your business strategy with the least computerization possible

  • 360° customer view
  • Live Customer Position
  • Live ledger
  • Flexible holistic reporting system
  • Easy development of new products & services
  • Digital authorizations and roles
  • Event based procedure
  • Workflows
  • PSD2 ready
  • High levels of security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Easy to use & modern working environment
  • Multilingual & multi-currency
  • Speedier (more transactions per second, concurrent users)


Eliminate the need for multiple providers, reducing complexity, time and cost

  • Model Bank approach
  • Open Banking
  • Minimization of integrators
  • Low implementation & cost strategy
  • Tailored banking functionality
  • Real time system
  • Regulatory compliant: GDPR compliant, PSD2

Useful files & downloads

CSB2 brochure
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