Optima Bank, Ziraat Bank and Greek Cooperative Banks select Natech solutions for their pandemic projects

We enable financial institutions to keep their distribution channels open and broader despite social distancing, though enhanced online and digitalization services with minimal branch interactions.


We also offer them the know-how and the tools to enact promptly to financial aid programmes announced by governments for their customers. Natech is a valuable partner for financial institutions to help them replot their post-COVID-19 strategy.


Banks’ customers were already widely embracing digital banking before COVID-19, but now the trend will become even more accelerated. Optima Bank, Ziraat Bank, the vast majority of Greek Cooperative Banks: Cooperative Bank of Epirus, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa, Cooperative Bank of Central Macedonia, Cooperative Bank of Drama, Cooperative Bank of Chania selected Natech solutions for their pandemic strategy.

Natech offers through its portfolio:


  • Internet and mobile banking platforms with enhanced functionality such as digital opening of accounts, instant P2P transfers to friends and family, application for loans and contactless payments. Natech also offers lite editions for the elderly and users unfamiliar with technology.
  • Digital loan origination with credit scoring.
  • View of the balance and transaction history of other banks’ accounts and cards from one single point in the internet banking platform and the mobile banking app.
  • Video banking service to expand digital touchpoints with customers through video chat. Video Banking enables digital customer service to deliver unparalleled experiences for customers and bankers serving them.
  • As long as the changes in compliance and regulation are concerned, Natech implemented for its customers in short time in order to make available those services directly to the banks' customers various systems/tools. 


Technology will be at the heart of successfully navigating the short, mid and long-term problems banks face; and those that act fast and effectively will create a strong platform to build on for years to come.


Suspended Cheques Declaration platform

Implementation of the Suspended Check Declaration platform where those whose VAT number is included in the Government's  orders, wish to make use of the setting for specific cheques.

PRP COVID-19 Scheme platform

Platform implementation for the communication between Banks and Electronic Coronavirus Subsidy Platform.



Natech solutions enabled its customers to immediately implement measures to address the financial consequences of the pandemic.

Optima Bank, Ziraat Bank and Greek Cooperative Banks select Natech solutions for their pandemic projects


Our partnership with Natech during the pandemic period enabled our employees to work remotely and made our services available to our customers just like they were in a physical branch

Yannis Tsavdaridis CIO Cooperative Bank of Epirus