Cooperative Bank of Karditsa serves Association of Accountants via APOLLO web banking

The Bank enabled its customers-accountants to transact seamlessly on behalf of their clients, through APOLLO web banking by using the sub-users feature.

The situation

Accountants, members of Karditsa's Accountants Association, needed an online banking solution to serve their and their customers' banking needs. As business people with diverse clientele, their everyday tasks involve execution of multiple banking transactions on behalf of their customers. They need to have access to their bank accounts or web banking accounts. However, passing on personal data  and credentials to third parties, leads to severe security risks.

The solution

APOLLO web banking offered the Bank the feature of web banking sub-users, which now enables accountants to serve their own customers and conduct transactions on behalf of them.

The Bank

Cooperative Bank of Karditsa is a regional, fast growing cooperative Bank, located in the prefecture of Karditsa in Greece. Cooperative Bank of Karditsa has demonstrated impressive growth figures in almost every business sector, throughout its' 20 year life.


APOLLO web banking - corporate add on with sub users functionality: sub users management/monitoring/approvals by the administrative users

Cooperative Bank of Karditsa serves Association of Accountants via APOLLO web banking


By utilizing Natech's web banking, not only the Bank, but also our customers and their clients too, can reap the benefits of the system’s adjustability.

Panagiotis Tournavitis CEO of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa


The following Natech solutions were used in this case.



APOLLO web banking: Real time online banking solution


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