Our museum

A museum inside Natech premises with hardware exhibits. The history and the tools of our work since the 80s, when the first-generation management founded the company.

Our museum

Today's technology is yesterday's discovery and tomorrow's museum exhibits

We collected and organized what was saved over time....The first laptop we used (manufactured in 1988) as well as a collection of hard drive disks, computers, mice, printers are on the shelves of the Natech's Museum. What you notice at first glance is the reduction in hardware dimensions over the years with the simultaneous increase in capacity and speed.

Photo info: The Amstrad PPC512 and Amstrad PPC640 were the first portable IBM PC compatible computers made by Amstrad. They were a development of the desktop PC-1512 and PC-1640 models. As portable computers, they contained all the elements necessary to perform computing on the move

Evaggelos Vtontos

IT administrator & security officer